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This model is based off of a personal model I made for myself awhile ago. Inspired lightly by a Valkyrie theme, Kára is a very special avatar for me and I hope that you can love her just as much as I do!

Update 2.0
- Kára is now compatible with Physbones! You no longer need dynamic bones to upload her package.
- Kára's optimized version now has moving hair!

Dance Showcase Video


  • Poiyomi Shader (Latest Free version or Pro V.8.0.295/V7.3.50)
  • Vrchat's latest SDK
  • Raliv's DPS system (Optional and requires Poiyomi Pro to work!)


  • 3.0 and FBT ready
  • Comes with DPS and Non-DPS versions
  • Blue, Purple, and Red versions included
  • Clean dissolve toggles
  • Optimized version provided (Good Ranking)
  • Radial skin color toggle (Light, Tan, Dark)
  • Toggle between 2, 1, or no Tails
  • Species Toggle (Fox, Elf, Human)
  • 2 Outfits (Bodysuit & Boots V.S. Bikini & Heels)
  • Wings can be folded/unfolded
  • Spear that can be held in either hand or frozen in place (World Constraint)
  • Spear comes with a size slider (can be used for dancing purposes)
  • Custom made spring joint (Double-jointed)
  • Custom blinking animation
  • Jiggles and Colliders where expected
  • Tail animates on Thumbs up and Finger gun gestures (Tail hug & Tails Up)


  • By purchasing this model, you are agreeing to a personal license. This means that this avatar can only be used by purchaser themselves and cannot be shared in any format. This includes redistribution of the files (FBX OR Unity package) or uploading the avatar as public. You can only upload this avatar as a private model.
  • You can edit the model for personal use but you may not share the avatar with anyone else regardless of how much editing you do. This includes any of my own handmade assets on this model.
  • I will not offer refunds for this avatar. Once the purchase has been made the sale is final.
  • The face, body, body texture, and wings are assets that CANNOT be reused/ unless you have purchased the asset yourself. There are links in the credits to the store pages of these assets.
  • The assets on this avatar that are handmade by me can only be reused for PRIVATE projects. You do not have commercial rights to these assets unless you have purchased the rights for them or if they are made free on my discord server.
  • If you own the rights to the original head base yourself you may use my edited version of the head on private projects. For any other reasons you MUST contact me first and let me know what you'd like to use it for. You will also have to credit me for the head edit regardless of how it is used. This head edit CANNOT be shared with anyone who hasn't purchased Kára themselves.
  • This avatar is set up for VRChat. Please contact me me first if you would like to use it for a different platform.
  • Failure to follow these rules will result in legal action.


  • Body by Pandaabear (Link)
  • Body Base Texture by YingYangVR (Link)
  • Front Body Tattoos by Uni (Link) Back Tats by me
  • Head by Zinpia (Link) Edited by me
  • Wings by Aleanian (Link) I got permission from the creator to use this asset! If you'd like proof feel free to DM me!
  • Fox Ears & Horns by WetCat (Link1) (Link2)
  • Hair/Eye Texture by WetCat (Link1) (Link2)
  • Fox Tail by Cupcake (Link)
  • Elf Ears by Pumpkin (Link)
  • Dagger & Holster by Siren#1001 (Link)
  • Spear by Wheez#3520 (No Link - Custom made for Kára)
  • Heels by PokerBlunders (Link)
  • Raliv's DPS System (Link)
  • Poiyomi Shader (Link)
  • World Constraint by VRLabs (Link)
  • Locomotion by Wetcat and Others (Link)

All other assets are made from scratch by me!

Please refer to ReadMe for Upload Instructions!

  • Kára's Unity Package and FBX

  • Size
    547 MB
  • Overall Performance
    Very Poor (excluding Optimized version)
  • Meshes
  • Materials
  • Physbones Components
  • Polygons
  • Kára's Unity Package and FBX
  • Size547 MB
  • Overall PerformanceVery Poor (excluding Optimized version)
  • Meshes16
  • Materials32
  • Physbones Components22
  • Polygons355,909


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