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Happy Valentines! This is also a celebratory avatar for basically reaching 1500 members on my discord server :)

Thank you to everyone who has supported my work. I hope that this model can be something you enjoy using!

Requires VRC SDK 3.0, Dynamic Bones, and Poiyomi Toon v7.3.046


  • 3.0 & FBT ready
  • 3 outfit toggles
  • 2 Hair Bang options (Straight V.S. Wavy)
  • Toggleable Accessories (Shoes, Fishnets, Garter, Tail/Ears, Horns)


  • You cannot reuse Panda's body base in any way unless you have purchased it from his Gumroad yourself. (Link to Gumroad)
  • Please check crediting for all other assets. Most are free but you are responsible for checking their TOS yourselves! Check crediting for links to said assets. Shining Nikki and TDA assets cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • I made the Tube top, Jean shorts, Devil horns, and Cat tail. These are considered free assets and can be used on public, free, personal or commercial projects. Please just make sure to credit me.
  • Do not claim this avatar as yours. Unless you have edited the model beyond recognition please credit me for putting the avatar together.
  • Do not share this avatar's package in other servers. Refer them to my Gumroad page if they would like a copy.
  • Enjoy the model!


  • Body base by Pandaabear (Link)
  • Head by TDA (Link) edited by DianaRose666 and myself
  • Wavy Bangs by Boo (Link)
  • Kitty ears by DarkVR (Link)
  • Choker by Yuria (Link)
  • Hoodie Crop top by Loki (Link)
  • Fishnets by ChocoRitz (Link)
  • Garter by SockEmBopEm (Link)
  • Heart Chain Belt by Bebecci (Link)
  • Heart Onesie by Pheno (Link)
  • Third Outfit by Rinebean (Link)
  • Shoes By Wheez (Link)
  • Body Texture by Smoluni (Link) Tats added by me
  • Locomotion by WetCat, AlcTrap, Dj Lukis.LT, INYO and Gireison (Link)
  • Eye Texture by Wetcat (Link)

Devil Horns, Jean Shorts, Base Hair, Heart Tube top, Kitty tail all made by myself!

Upload instructions in the ReadMe!

  • Unity Package of Chloe

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    144 MB
  • Unity Package of Chloe
  • Size144 MB


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Nayeli - Free Valentines Model

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