Ollie &Callie - V2 (PC&Quest)

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A remake of Callie and Ollie - The bunny couple

Requires: Poiyomi V7.3.050, and VRchat's latest SDK

***If you have purchased the old versions of these avatars, please dm me with proof of your purchase to receive a these versions as a free update!***

- Ollie & Callie are now provided with Quest compatible versions! Anyone who has purchased the PC versions get these new packages for free. They are also now available for individual purchase. PLEASE make sure to select the correct version when you make a purchase!

A huge thank you goes out to Purelocov12#4081 for converting the avatars for me!

---- 2022 VERSION UPDATE ----
Package updated to Unity 2019 and some other small fixes have been made. Callie's FX layer and Viseme issues are now fixed! I've also updated the package to work with Poiyomi V7.


- Ollie and Callie are now compatible with Physbones
- Updated Locomotion to newer version

- Added a new Springjoint (Ball with carrot inside)
- Updates apply to PC versions only


 - SDK 3 & FBT tracking

 - Dissolve toggles  

 - Double-jointed Springjoint (activated with point gesture)

 - Puppet controller for bunny ears & tail

 - Material swap for darker skin, hair, and outfit (you can mix and match!)


 - You cannot redistribute/share/resell this avatar as is or edited with anyone else. It is meant to be a completely personal and can only be uploaded as private. 

 - If you have purchased the couple bundle you must include the discord tag and VRchat username of the friend or partner you plan on sharing it with. Other than between you and this other person you both may not share these avatars with anyone else.

- Any assets that I have created from scratch are allowed to be used on private models or selling avatars. They cannot be sold alone only on a finished model.

- You cannot use the head, body base, male harness, and hoodie for anything unless you have purchased it for yourself from the original creators. Please see the credits for links to where you can buy these assets.



        - Hair:  Inky#1000, Kittyz#6666



        - Harness: Pokerblunders#0001

            (purchased through Dms only)

        - Body & Dick: Pandaabear#9873 (Edited by me, base textures by Uni#1369)



        - Shoes: Darcy#0005


        - Hoodie: flexuh#0001



        - Hair: Inky#1000


        - Body: Pandaabear#9873 (Edited by me, base textures by Uni#1369



        - Leg Garter: sweaty#1214

            (Nitro boost on server)

        - Shoes: Darcy#0005


    Locomotion Fix by WetCat#6969 & Alc#0002
    Springjoint by Raivo#3447 (https://raivovfx.booth.pm/items/2329298)

    Assets by me: 

       - Ollie: Back of hair, Pants, Spandex Top

       - Callie: Choker, Body chains, Pasties, Undies

       - Both: Bunny ears, Tail, Glasses, Head, Other accessories not listed above

Upload instructions in Readme!

  • Unity Package of Ollie and/or Callie

  • Callie (PC Version)
  • Overall Performance
    Very Poor
  • Polygons
  • Materials
  • Meshes
  • Ollie (PC Version)
  • Overall Performance
    Very Poor
  • Polygons
  • Materials
  • Meshes
  • Unity Package of Ollie and/or Callie
  • Callie (PC Version)
  • Overall PerformanceVery Poor
  • Polygons134653
  • Materials16
  • Meshes7
  • Ollie (PC Version)
  • Overall PerformanceVery Poor
  • Polygons231459
  • Materials17
  • Meshes9


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