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Max the Cat - Free model

A free model in loving memory of my recently passed pet cat, Max <3

Requires: Poiyomi V7, dynamic bones, VRchat SDK 3.0


- SDK 3.0 & FBT ready

- Cat Purr activated by finger gun gesture

- Toggles for hat, jacket, and cat purr

- Double-handed springjoint (big ty to Cam#1959 for the tutorial!)Activated through toggle menu and finger point gesture

- Includes files with several additional textures for the beanie, jacket/top, and the jeans.


- Do NOT resell this avatar as is or with edits. Otherwise, what's the point of this avatar being free?

- You are free to use this avatar for personal means and are free to edit it. Just make sure to follow the rules for using the assets on this avatar

- The head on this avatar is made from scratch by me. You are not allowed to use it on selling avatars unless you have purchased it off of me.

- You cannot distribute the head alone. If you do share this model with others, the entire package must be shared as is!


- Beanie by backtrack (SIMS CC)


- Jacket & shirt by Gorillax3 (SIMS CC)


- Jeans by Gorillax3 (SIMS CC)


- Body by Pandaabear#9873


- Hair by Inky#1000


- Tail by Eliza#1337


- Ears by Cupkake#6666


- Base Springjoint by Raivo#3447


The head, lip rings, and ring with the chain is made from scratch by me!

Upload instructions in Readme

  • Unity package of my free model, Max!

  • Size
    124 MB
  • Unity package of my free model, Max!
  • Size124 MB


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Max - Free Model

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